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Dr Martens 1460 WP Black Republic Waterproof Ankle Boots

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Almost exactly 60 years after the first 1460 boot rolled off the production line, we introduce a fully waterproof edition. Inspired by our industrial range, the boot is built with a revolutionary new twin heat-sealed welt that prevents water getting into the air-cushioned sole and forms the basis of a fully waterproof boot. Add a comfortable, breathable DryWair bootie encased in Republic WP, a rich, oily waterproof leather, and you have a boot that offers complete protection from spills, puddles and rain. It’s marked with our instantly recognisable DMS tread pattern, iconic yellow stitch and sole with a two-tone grooved sidewall.


Goodyear Welted

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Dr Martens Wonder Balsam

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Weight 250 g

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